Child Future

PICKERING REAL ESTATE gets involved with young people in favour of their professional insertion in professional life!

The objective of Child Future is to promote education and training for young people. To achieve this goal our team engages in various ways:

  • We train students to become real estate professionals through internships and apprenticeships programs as well as through regular coaching sessions. We are open to people from all paths of life to pursue an internship at our firm and we wish to give a chance to young students aged 16 or above.

  • We are also setting up training sessions to provide students with a general business background within the real estate sector and the skills to acquired in order to integrate well within the organization,

  • We particularly want to give all the keys to the young people who join our "Child Future" training programs, by giving them a solid foundation in different fields: corporate and real estate law, foreign languages, marketing, commercial, law co-ownership, financial management, human resources, negotiation techniques ...

Being a charity that is accredited by the French State, our training programs are totally free of charge for students.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to participate!

For any internship application, send us your CV and a cover letter to